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New Islands Maps - Lewis & Harris

New Islands Maps - Lewis & Harris

Posted by Jamie on 20th Aug 2019

We've been working on some new maps and are pleased to be able to offer Lewis and Harris on two map sheets. We were asked to create a 'slightly more usable' set of maps for these islands than the standard Landranger sheets which you'd need three of to cover the islands. 

We've scaled the 1:50,000 scale mapping to 1:55,000 to fit them on two sheets with a bit of an overlap and are available to purchase individually alongside our other Island maps here, or together here

We have the usual folded versions on offer for use out-and-about on the islands and a range of flat maps more suited to wall displays in your home or at work.

We think you'll like them and we're currently drawing out the Southern Hebrides islands, hopefully we'll have these up soon!